Hello, everyone. This is a gateway to YUETSU. Here you can see the latest doujinshi updates and related information. Sometimes, Omake pieces which everyone can access might come up. But remember this: there are just very few of the vast amount of our data. For more access to Entry, please read carefully and follow membership requirements and notices.

YUETSU Scanlation

Summary of Membership Requirements
A, Your journal account - older than 180 days, & -joined other doujin community & -over 50 comments posted.
B, Your journal account  - older than 14 days, & - over 10(~20) comments posted in YUETSU scanlation.

Further details for membership is in here.
your site is great
hi, I really like your site! I must further explore here. thanks for you nice comments on my art. mariko
음핫님 블로그에서 leahs2@naver.com로 가임 신청 드렸던 닉네임 Waltz in a minor입니다!
커뮤니티 신청을 어디다 하는지 몰라서 코멘트 살짜쿵 남기고 가요*"*...!
Re: 안녕하세요!
...는 무사히 찾았네욬ㅋㅋㅋ! 계속 민폐 끼쳐서 죄송합니다! 가입 승인 부탁드릴게요*^^*
무사히 찾았다는 말은 여기에 하는 편이 더 좋았을 수도 있군요. 어쨌든 잘 찾았습니다. 앞으로 잘 부탁드려요.
제가 코멘트랑 다른 조건들을 모두 만족시켰는데 멤버로는 언제쯤 들어가나요?
안녕하세요 하나비님^^
코멘트를 하루에 다 작성하셨더라구요..ㅜ.ㅜ
남겨주신 코멘트를 뵈면 각각의 장르에 대한 이해도 있으시고 저도 그다지 조건을 까다롭게 걸고 싶진 않지만..당초 조건이 걸려있는 이유가 단발성의 충동으로 가입하시는 것을 막고자 함이어서^^; 죄송하지만 조금만 텀을 두고 지속적인 활동보여주신 후에 join this comunity눌러주시면 반갑게 모시겠습니다.
Hello, I Would Like To Join Your Site
It's been a long time since I last used my LJ, but I still check back for good stuffs and sometimes, good friends I made here ever since I started using LJ (Like more than 4-5 years ago). I think my journal is good with your A condition. I hope you would let me become a member of your site.

I promise I will get my lazy self up to become more active in the future, thus I will comply with all your rule. Thanks in advance.
Re: Hello, I Would Like To Join Your Site
No problem. You are eligible for membership requirement.
I welcome you~
I accidentally found this from your release YOI - living game on mrm. Someone reposted there?
I'd love to join your site. I'm active on communities so perhaps A condition?

Edited at 2017-09-30 09:48 am (UTC)
Hi, I’m just swinging by to introduce myself! Since it’s been a while since I was active on LJ I don’t know if my comment history on other communities would make me eligible or not. Either way, I’m looking forward to commenting enough on your comm to hopefully join and contribute! I’m in a lot of fandoms represented in the links page, and have some books in Gundam IBO, My Hero Academy, and YoI I’d be delighted to share. I can do some Japanese to English translation but my kanji skills are weak, so I hope I can be of some use to you. Thank you for your work making your doujin community!
I think I fit the A requirement. But if not I've satisfied B last night ;DDDD
I did klick join too... Maybe a bit too soon?
Are you reading them comments? I might have gone a bit crazy with them... But in my defense I thought there were no Kotogil doujins on offer anywhere!! I got very excited ;D
hi, I really like your site! I visited the site by accident, and found many things I liked to read. I hope to be a member of this. thanks for Read^^
Hello! I applied for membership without checking this ... Waiting 14 days to meet the qualifications ... I think I should build it slowly ...! This is a translator. It may have an awkward context, but please do well from now on!