Update, Jan, 11th

  • -Category: Bungo Stray Dogs

  • -Circle (Artist): Tokumei

  • -Title: See you tomorrow

  • -Pairing: Akutagawa x Atsushi

  • -Tagged with: Parallel, School, Sweet/ Cute /Romance,

  • -Language: Korean (Scanlated by Umuhathathat /  Jan, 2017)

  • -Category: Gintama

  • -Circle (Artist): Koniro

  • -Title: Megane no sensei to sensei no megane

  • -Pairing: Gintoki x Shinpachi

  • -Tagged with:  Sweet/ Cute /Romance,

  • -Language: Japanese (Scanned by Umuhathathat /  Jan, 2017)

  • -Category: Gintama

  • -Circle (Artist): Haconi

  • -Title: One by one

  • -Pairing: Gintoki x Okita

  • -Tagged with: Sweet/ Cute /Romance,

  • -Language: Japanese (Scanned by Umuhathathat /  Jan, 2017)

  • -Category: Fate/Zero

  • -Circle (Artist): Pureslider

  • -Title: Iron Maiden

  • -Pairing: Kirei x Tokiomi

  • -Tagged with: Drama, toy,

  • -Language: Japanese (Scanned by Umuhathathat /  Jan, 2017)

  • -Category: Fate/Stay Night

  • -Circle (Artist): Crimo

  • -Title: Deep eyes

  • -Pairing: Lancer x Archer

  • -Tagged with: Parallel, Muscle, Drama,

  • -Language: Japanese (Scanned by Umuhathathat /  Jan, 2017)

Um..I don't know how to start, but I really want to read your YOI doujinshi at umuhathathat@lj ...but I know I didnt met qualify to join your community since I never join doujinshi scanlation community in the past, except for one new yoi djs comm. And I only left two comments there since they're just release two stories...:(
Re: Hi!
Thank you for telling me. You don't have to be concerned about it since you have a lot of activity on your account:)